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If you would like to learn more about Simple Divorce Florida laws, you will find more information, links and resources below. The list below is not meant to be all-inclusive. You may also research the Florida Code on your own or simply consult with an attorney specializing in Florida divorce law.

Simple Divorce Florida Resources:

Domestic Violence

This excellent resource includes names and phone numbers for anti-domestic violence assistance programs for every county in Florida, along with some statewide services.

Florida Child Support Services

This state government-run website provides comprehensive information on many different legal issues, including those related to child support calculations, enforcement, and payment information. It is a resource for those seeking to receive child support payments and those seeking to make those payments.

Florida Legal Aid – State Bar

This site provides information on how to get legal assistance as a low income resident of Florida. It is run by the State Bar and thoroughly details the services that legal aid provides, the cost, and the context. It also includes articles, some forms, bilingual language support, and a directory for lawyer assistance and pro bono opportunities. You may also find the same information on this site in the sections below.

Simple Divorce Florida Family Law Statutes:

Florida Legal Separation: Florida Statutes Section 61.052

Simple Divorce Florida:

Grounds/Fault – No-Fault: Florida Statutes Section 61.052
Residency/Where to File: Florida Statutes Sections 61.021, 61.043, 61.19
Divorce Mediation: Florida Statutes Section 61.183
Annulment: Florida Statutes Section X

Simple Divorce Florida and Finances:

Property Division/Debts: Florida Statutes Section 61.075
Spousal Support: Florida Statutes Section 61.08

Simple Divorce Florida and Children:

Child Custody: Florida Statutes Sections 61.052
Child Support: Florida Statutes Section 61.13